The Raw Guy




Brian is a graduate of the world renowned “Living Light Culinary School”. It was here that he was able to train with the best Raw Culinary Chefs and Facilitators from around the world. He possesses certificates as a Gourmet Raw Food Chef and Facilitator as well as being an Advanced Raw Food Nutrition Educator. He continues to build on his learnings by attending culinary conferences, attending and participating in a varietal of different food shows and working with several local vendors and growers to maintain the highest possible product knowledge and standards as he truly realizes the benefits to a raw, organic and vegan way of life. As of this writing you can find Brian and his products at various farmer’s markets, stores and events throughout the lower mainland.



As a recent board member and currently an ambassador for Raw BC, a non-profit organization that promotes the eating of a raw food diet through education in the community he has been able to reach out to the community and share his wealth of knowledge and own personal experiences.

Brian’s passion for delicious whole foods and all around holistic approach to life are what makes him a natural as a “Raw Gourmet Chef”. His wish is to enrich as many as possible on this shared journey so that he can bring you the many benefits that he has been able to enjoy in his lifetime.